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Accurate Results

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As Arizona Wraps Up Hand Count of 2020 Ballots, New Questions About Accuracy Arise
The state Senate’s contractors created 15 subtotals. Outside auditors examined 10,341.
Arizona Senate Challenged by Experienced Election Auditors to Let Them Confirm 2020 Results
The auditors know how to parse official vote count data, unlike the Senate’s inexperienced contractors.
Arizona Senate’s Hand Count of 2020 Ballots Unlikely to Match Official Election Results
The recount process lacks precision at key junctures, possibly embedding errors and inaccuracies.
Arizona Clash Over Presidential Results Highlights Need for Better Vote Count Evidence Trail
Pro-Trump Republicans are going after the state’s most populous county. Its response is not presenting their best evidence of an accurate vote count.
More Than 70 Percent of Trump Voters Distrust the Best-Run Election in Years
Millions of Republicans say they mistrust American elections after President Trump lost. That view runs counter to an election season where officials overcame a pandemic and helped record numbers of Americans to vote.
Georgia Affirms Biden Victory in Third Vote Count, Despite Trump’s Call to Reject Vote
The president attacks Republican officials who follow the law as not being tough enough to use their power to select him as their Electoral College winner.
Georgia’s Hand Count of 2020 Ballots was No Risk-Limiting Audit, Says Audit Creator
Philip Stark, who created the audit being adopted by many states, said 2020’s only statewide hand count of presidential votes served a purpose, but was not a good audit.
Georgia’s Top Election Official Draws Praise for Defying Trump, But His Minions Run Presidential Audit with Heavy Hand
Threats, bullying and never admitting mistakes prompted some local officials to hide minor vote-counting errors.
Fabricated Ballots, Dead Voters and Other Phantom Fears From Trump Supporters at Georgia Presidential Audit
Partisan suspicions shadowed the hand count of 2020 presidential ballots in Georgia’s most populous county. The audit was conducted to see if Georgia’s new voting system had accurately counted paper ballots. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, ordered the hand tally after the presidential results were so close.
Georgia To Recount Presidential Race, As Audit Turns into Full Hand Count
(Photo / Georgia Public Broadcasting screenshot) Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Wednesday that the state’s 159 counties would do a full manual recount of its 2020 presidential ballots, where former Vice President Joe Biden was ahead of President Trump by 14,101 votes as of November 11. “This race has national significance, national importance,” said Raffensperger, surrounded by a dozen county election officials. “We follow the process and we understand the significance of this—for not just Georgia, but for every single American. At the end of the day, when we do a hand count, then we can answer the…
Georgia to Use New Audit Tool to Assess Vote Count Accuracy—Is It Ready?
The presidency is in play, but Georgia’s next step is not examining presidential votes. Instead, it will audit another contest to vouch for its election system’s overall accuracy.
Latest Cyber Attacks Were Misinformation, Not Voting System Breaches
After several days of murky high-profile media coverage, details emerge about alleged attacks. They were intentional disinformation but not attacks compromising voting systems.