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Monitoring Democracy’s Guardrails

Post-2020 Reviews

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Prominent Conservatives Issue Massive Report Debunking 2020 Election ‘Fraud’
Conservative luminaries debunk every false claim and trace Republican voters who rejected Trump in six battleground states.
Trump’s Deep Ties with January 6 Rioters Exposed at Latest Hearing
But the biggest bombshell is Trump’s tactics haven’t changed – a new witness intimidation incident has been referred to the Justice Department.
Mark Meadows’ Role as Key Co-Conspirator in Trump Coup Comes into View
Trump didn’t pardon Meadows. But later gave his non-profit $1 million.
Next January 6 Hearing: How Trump and Allies Pushed States to Overturn Results
Despite calls for accountability and hints where local prosecutions may proceed, pro-Trump Republicans are still lying about the 2020 election.
How Mike Pence Fanned the Flames of the Capitol Riot
Two days before January 6, Pence told Georgia voters that Congress would address “irregularities” with Joe Biden’s election as president.
As Coup Evidence Mounts, Progressives Eye Georgia to Jail Trump, Not Feds
The January 6 committee, Justice Department, and activists are diverging.
Behind Proud Boys’ January 6 Attack is ‘Great Replacement’ Theory, Senate Told
Another hearing on June 9 probed the motive driving white supremacist violence.
As January 6 Hearings Begin, Poll Finds Many Conservatives Have Open Minds
Younger Republicans, and Republican women, are not Trump cultists. But will the hearing change minds?
Maricopa GOP Leaders Call Out AZ Attorney General for Stolen Election Lies
A rare example of Republicans calling out their own instead of bending to pro-Trump lies as 2022’s primaries get underway.
Wisconsin GOP’s Post-2020 Inquiry Slanders Bipartisan Pro-Voter Groups
Any official or group seeking higher turnout is accused of anti-Trump bias and colluding with Democrats.
Meet the Trio Who May Have Figured Out How to Save American Democracy
Three retired election auditors in Arizona foiled the Cyber Ninjas scam—and may have created a template for how to protect elections in 2022 and 2024.