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Monitoring Democracy’s Guardrails
Grassroots Outreach is Frontline in Turning Out Votes for Georgia Runoff
Democrats and Republicans, and their allies, have blanketed the state with media and messaging, but neighbors calling on neighbors may tip the outcome.
Early Voting for Georgia’s Senate Runoffs May Point to Record Turnout
Voter turnout levels for two U.S. Senate runoffs are ahead of early voting period before the November presidential election.
Decades of Inequality Shadow Voter Turnout in Rural Georgia
A small-town voter drive in middle Georgia reveals why only trusted family, friends and local leaders can boost turnout in the upcoming U.S. Senate runoffs. The lesson is important for anyone seeking to support more democratic participation in the nation’s newest battleground state.
Georgia GOP Senators Stock Trades Raises Eyebrows, But Fit Familiar Pattern
(Screenshot: In the days following last weekend’s senatorial debate in Georgia, the state’s two incumbent Republicans continued to insist that they had been cleared of any wrongdoing tied to each of them selling of millions in stock after Senate briefings about the approaching pandemic. On the debate stage, in campaign television ads and statements, both Georgia Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler and their spokespeople recited the same script, repeatedly saying they had been “exonerated” in reviews by a Senate ethics panel and federal authorities. “Well, thank you for that question, because I’ve been completely exonerated,” replied Loeffler during…
Will Overlooked Voters of Color in Georgia Tip the U.S. Senate Majority?
Civil rights activists say Georgia’s communities of color could defeat GOP incumbents in upcoming U.S. Senate runoffs. The activists are looking at overlooked voters outside Atlanta, where thousands of voters live and might respond to personal appeals.
Joe Biden Will Win Presidency, Projects Media as Swing State Counts Wrap Up and Recounts Ensue
On Saturday morning, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris were projected by national media to win the 2020 election. But counting votes, certifying winners and possible recounts continue. Meanwhile, President Trump has rejected the media’s projections and election officials in swing states are worried about unrest and threats.
Wednesday Morning: Biden Well-Positioned, as Trump Prematurely Claims Win
If Biden wins Nevada, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin, he has 270 Electoral College votes without awaiting Pennsylvania’s votes. The New York Times also has not yet awarded Biden the vote from the Nebraska congressional district near Omaha, which would give Biden 271 votes. Nebraska is one of two states awarding presidential electors by congressional district.
If Trump Will Stop at Nothing, Will Nothing Stop Him?
Will the election and legal system withstand the coming test? The voters are speaking in volumes. Will courts and state and federal leaders stand by voters or with Trump?
Federal Courts Give GOP Opening to Challenge Thousands of Late-Arriving Absentee Ballots
A series of federal court rulings create a path for Republicans to possibly disqualify late-arriving absentee ballots in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Minnesota. Meanwhile, Democrats are pushing for record turnout to blunt the impact of likely post-Election Day litigation.
Supreme Court: Two Swing-State Mail Ballot Return Deadlines Stand, But Ballots Could Still be Rejected
Conservative justices said it was too late to change the rules in Pennsylvania and North Carolina before Election Day. But they would support disqualifying late-arriving absentee ballots if the issue returned after Election Day.
Will Supreme Court Election Rulings be 2020’s October Surprise?
In a Wisconsin ruling, the court’s conservative majority sided with a legislature that disregarded voters. Whether that sets the stage for post-election fights, including over appointing Electoral College slates, is an open question.