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Monitoring the Ways We Expand or Suppress Voting
Advocates Urge Officials to Speak Up Against Voter Intimidation & Violence
As right-wing militants have the president’s blessing to…
Justice Department Has No Legal Authority to Interfere in 2020 Vote Count
The attorney general and Justice Department can issue pro-Trump propaganda, but not reject or seize ballots, nor interrupt the locally run election process.
2020 Fall Voter Guide: A Late Summer Strategy
Make a plan. Know your options. Ignore partisan noise. There are three ways to vote this fall — from home via a mailed-out ballot, in-person at an early voting site, and in-person on Election Day.
Luzerne County: How far will the Justice Department go to smear 2020 votes?
There’s desperation behind the president’s and attorney general’s actions this week seeking to turn a small-scale ballot processing hiccup in Pennsylvania into a referendum on…
GOP Inquest Into Bloomberg Helping Florida Felons Called Voter Suppression
Seasoned election lawyers said Florida’s attorney general is wrong on the law and doing the governor’s bidding to suppress likely Democratic votes.
August Elections Improve on Spring Primaries, But Fall Worries Loom
States with the most troubling presidential primaries in the pandemic’s early months did better with their August elections, learning lessons even though COVID-19 rates were higher. But the higher-turnout fall election raises issues yet to be addressed.